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"I would like to express my gratitude for your help and support in securing my place on the Prince2 course and also the assistance given to me in the run up to the start of the training - I found it a great deal of help in my preparation and I'm sure it contributed to the result I gained.

I really cannot say enough good things about the trainer Datrix assigned to our course - as I told you yesterday I have been a participant in numerous business related training courses over the time I have been working, and I have to say that he is almost certainly the best trainer I have encountered up to now. His manner and familiarity with the material not only puts you at your ease but also, I find, gives you absolute confidence in what you're learning, which in my view is a vital part of taking the information on board and putting it all together mentally."
L. Maguire
Project Manager

"I really enjoyed the course. I don't think I've ever worked so intensely and it definitely wasn't easy, but the trainer really made it interesting and I'm really glad I did it! It was lovely to hear the news over the phone and it really cheered me up - especially after hearing I am to be made redundant the day before."
Diane Bedford
Project Manager

“I would have no hesitation in commending Paul of PBA Training to any organisation who may be considering using his training delivery and consulting skills. He has proved himself as a provider of high quality, customer focused and valued training.

Our client feedback confirms his excellent engagement and rapport with learners, ensuring that their learning experience is of relevance to them and their employers. Paul possesses a personal manner that enables his trainees to relax, enjoy and value his teaching.

Paul also brings a high quality of reliability, consistency and personal presentation that has proved his ambassadorial value when working for Kingsway Consulting with our clients.”
Brian Smith
Business Development Manager

"I thought our trainer was brilliant and now that I know I have passed, I can say that with conviction. He knew his material and had a very structured presentation.

Tony had lots of practical examples to share which helped to explain some of the theory. He was lively and encouraged the group to interact with each other. I‘m still amazed that he managed to get through as much material as he did in one week and make it so interesting at the same time. The venue was an excellent choice in both quality and location for public transport links.

My organisation has used training bodies other than Datrix and I have not heard many glowing reports about the trainers or the venues used. I particularly liked having a phone call to tell me that I had passed, others in my organisation have found out their results pass and fail, by seeing their name on the APM website."
Pauline Jones
Service Delivery Manager

"Thanks very much for this, you’ve made my day! Please pass on a big thank you to the trainer. He certainly knows his subject matter inside out and makes the training light hearted and interesting as well. Not sure about the racing car stories though!"
Graham Handley
ICT Senior Project Manager

MSP Courses

Managing Successful Programmes (MSP® )

Programme Management has become a key element in delivering successful organisational change, and at QA we help organisations to attain the necessary skills through our learning services.

Why undertake MSP® certification ?

MSP®  is the widely accepted best-practice approach from the Office of Government Commerce (OGC). It supports the management of multiple projects that typically aim to deliver strategic organisational benefits in a complex business environment. It is rapidly being the programme management approach of choice for large organisations in the UK.

MSP®  focuses on the three core areas of:

  • Working with and changing the culture of an organisation
  • Delivering results at an acceptable pace
  • Realising benefits

What is involved in MSP®  certification?

  • The MSP Foundation level qualification is attained by passing a 40 minute closed book examination consisting of 50 multi-choice questions. The pass mark is 60%.
  • The MSP Practitioner level qualification is attained by passing both the MSP Foundation examination and the 2½ hour long open manual ‘objective test’ Practitioner examination. The pass mark is 50%. Delegates wishing to attain the MSP Practitioner level qualification should book on the QA Programme Management Practitioner course – they will take the MSP Foundation examination at the end of the third day and the MSP Practitioner examination on the fifth day. Delegates wishing to attain only the MSP Foundation level examination attend only the first three days of the course and should book our Programme Management Foundation course.
  • The MSP Advanced Practitioner qualification is attained by passing the MSP Practitioner level qualification, and then attending the MSP Advanced Practitioner course. This prepares delegates by working on a complex case study (MSPCare) both before and during the course, for an open book essay style paper. This lasts 3 hours, and delegates apply their own experience as well as MSP principles to the Case Study. The pass mark is 50%.


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